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About Us

Tel Megiddo jewelry was established in 1989 at the Kibuutz of Megiddo. Our dream was to make and create our own hand made jewelry influenced by our Middle eastern-Jewish-Israeli cultural heritage So we opened a beautiful studio in Rishon Lezion a city in Israel southern to Tel Aviv and start experience as artisans on our original hand made designs - sensed the raw material, learning its physical and "mental" behavior and discovered the miracle of Roman Glass Through our work as jewelry designers and studio and gallery owners we gained experience at a few levels - creative work in the studio, costumer- oriented work at the gallery, and creating and distributing to shops throughout Israel, U.S., Europe and Japan As professionals and well reputed designers DS&EB JEWELRY are obliged to a high quality of craft combined with self expression, cultural heritage, true desire for aesthetic, originality and high technical skills.